The Bahrain Paralympic Committee proudly supports the many different organizations that are dedicated to the different impairments faced by our community and athletes.


The Bahrain Paralympic Committee (BPC) was established in 2017, following the resolution issued by His Highness Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Chairman of the Supreme Council for Youth and Sport, and representative for His Majesty the King for charity work and Youth Affairs, as an official entity to include and support all athletic competencies of People with Impairment.

 Following its establishment, the committee has been tasked with fulfilling several important objectives. This includes but is not limited to being dedicated to providing support, incentive and encouragement to young and emerging athletes across the Kingdom, nurturing and developing them by providing year-round sports training for them to compete in various Olympic-style sports. As an advocate of sports, the BPC provides these athletes with increased opportunities to compete in local tournaments and represent Bahrain in regional and international competitions, since the Kingdom’s first international participation in the 1970’s.

 The Bahrain Paralympic Committee proudly works side-by-side with the many different organizations that are dedicated to supporting communities with the different impairments faced by our community and athletes in sports through various means.


It is our mission to empower these individuals to feel confident, strong and able to compete and succeed whilst instilling the sense of determination, excitement and inspiration that allows them to achieve their sporting dreams and aspirations.


Our main vision is to be able to grow and expand the Paralympic movement in Bahrain through our recurring events and initiatives that promote inclusivity, sports and what it means to be a Paralympic athlete. We are also aiming to become a platform that represents the struggles, accomplishments and perseverance of our athletes and people with impairment.



Stimulate social transformations conductive to a more inclusive Bahraini society by empowering People with Impairments to participate in sports at all levels.

Motivation for Social Transformation

To include and integrate People with Impairments in society.

More Inclusive Society

To include all members, including People with Impairments, not for sympathy but for confidence in their ability to be active members of society.


To create a supportive environment that reduces restrictions and encourages People with Impairments to take part in the community.


All segments of the society are welcome, where full equality  prevails for all People with Impairment.

United Nations Statistics: 8-12% of the world’s population experience some form of disability, while the registered percentage in the Kingdom of Bahrain is only 1.2%!


To set an example in the Paralympic movement, empowering and facilitating People with Impairments to accomplish sporting achievements in a sustainable manner in cooperation with partners.

Lead by example

In the administrative and organizational aspect, advancing the development of the Paralympic movement within the region and beyond.

Accomplish Sporting Achievements

On all levels to raise the flag of the Kingdom , improve performance levels and win medals on the international level.


And develop enduring solutions to enable Para Athletes to achieve elite sports performance


By building a larger sports infrastructure and platform to continue fulfilling these achievements.


Collaborate with public and private sector partners where their cooperation will help achieve the desired goals.